Valentine's Day Special!!

Beautiful thoughts are for beautiul people. Celebrate this Valentine's Day differently!! Lock a padlock of love for your sweetheart responsibly. Every year everyone gift flowers, cards, how are you any different? This is your chance to be special! After all, the effort does pay!

What are you waiting for, go to "Buy Now!" page and lock love at just 0.99$(sorry mate cant be free on a Valentine's Day!), then go to Close to ❤ page to attach a beautiful designer plaque absolutely free(yes you heard it right this time, Coupoun Code: VALFREE).

Hurry!! You wont be able to lock love from 1st Feb to 14th Feb 2015, so take action if your sweetheart deserves it!

How it works?

BUY NOW!: Buy a lock + Free regular plaque at 0.99$

Close to ❤: After buying lock, engrave your plaque with a memorable Close to ❤ Date starting at 0.99$ and get a beautiful designer plaque absolutely free.

Responsibility, Romance and Discounts

Missing You

'If you have one true friend you have more than your share.'---Thomas Fuller. We are one of those friends. Can you be the other? "Missingyou", a freecode, allows one to lock love in his/her memory, free of charge. Death is an inevitability but we can divide the pain! We did our part, could you do yours? Could you Support Us to keep the effort alive for them!

Close to Dates

After buying the lock, please go to the Close to ❤ Tab. Select a beautiful designer plauqe and engrave it with a Close to ❤ Date. Remember the day you first talked to her. The day you proposed her. Marriage Anniversary, Your first Valentine's Day! Your sweetheart's birthday! Go for that beautiful date!

Discount Codes!

Discount on locks: Can be found in various magazines, social networking sites etc.
Discount on Close to Dates: "eBrijlocs" - For sweethearts who already have a lock placed on a bridge. 50% discount!!
Missingyou Code: Free of cost. But only for a person with partner deceased. Lets divide the pain and respect love.